Governor Scott Walker visits hci chemtec, inc.

Governor Walker recently visited hci chemtec, inc.
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Enviro-Prep® Quarterly Update Spring Case History

Large Utility Company eliminates one of it's largest hazardous waste streams.
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Moisture Vapor Barrier

Liquid Moisture Vapor Barrier - DILHR approved and now CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) qualified!
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Enviro-Prep® Quarterly Update - Fall Featured Case History

Zero VOC Enviro-Prep® Chemical Stripper used on a Pump Station project in Milwaukee, WI.
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Lead Paint Neutralized

Case Study on the use of Enviro-Prep® during mill maintenance shutdown.
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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

hci chemtec, inc. ISO 9001:2008 Certification
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Enviro-Prep® Quarterly Update - Fall Featured Case History

Sewerage District Pump Station

Milwaukee, WI

Project: Strip up to 36 mils of lead-based paint and lead-based primer from structural steel, steel staircase (6 floors) and hand rails.

Conditions: High humidity area with steel temperatures varying from 48 F to 70F (spring to summer). Close quarters.

Discovery: Seven strippers were tested for ability to strip lead and to obtain optimum dwell time at varying temperatures.

33073 Enviro-Prep® Chemical Stripper was selected:

* No VOC

* Not dangerous to the touch in the event of contact.

* Low LEL factor since work was being completed in a confined space environment that had active electrical switching gear and pumps.

* Lead stabilizing ability: XRF readings in the range of 5-28 micrograms per centimeter squared.

* It was the only product that took off multiple layers and the only non-caustic to cut through to coat.

Process: Product was brushed on and covered with .03 Mil plastic, allowed to work with an average dwell time of 12 hours then removed by wet scraper method.

Lab test: Once product was removed it was sent to the lab and returned with a TCLP result of 2 ppm, suitable for regular landfill disposal.

Contractor recommendation:

"This product worked extremely well and was easy to remove from corners and crevasses. We fully recommend it."