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Original Enviro-Prep® Premium - 33010

There's no question that the removal of Lead containing materials is a serious issue. But, until now, the options for doing it haven't always been easy and reliable. That has all changed with the Enviro-Prep System®. It's the stable, long-term solution that is cost-effective, protects the environment and has less risk of liability. Read More


Enviro-Prep® 1Step - 33060

Enviro-Prep® 1Step uses a patented treatment chemistry that converts lead to a highly insoluble inorganic compound. The treated material remains stable under all “real world” and standard laboratory leaching tests. Read More


Enviro-Prep® Special - 33030

Every lead abatement project brings with it a new list of problems that have to be overcome. Give Enviro-Prep Systems® a call at 1-800-596-6282 and learn how Enviro-Prep® Special may be the answer to your abatement project.


Enviro-Prep® Chemical Stripper - 33073

Removal of leaded paints with paint strippers will create sediment that may contain lead that leaches in excess of the RCRA toxicity characteristic (5.0 mg/L) defining it as hazardous waste and the expense of removal and disposal associated with it. Lead has been identified in structural steel, bridges, light poles, heavy equipment, storage tanks, water towers, concrete, asphalt, ship/platforms and industrial structures. Read More


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Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information on our Enviro-Prep® System.



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Designed to extend the lifespan of wood, AWP increases resistance to wear & tear and overall durability.