Case Histories

Enviro-Prep® Case Histories

Highway 31 Bridge - Elk Rapids, MI

At a thickness of near 20 wet mils, Enviro-Prep® was applied to two bridge abutments by the MDOT maintenance crew in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Following the application, the product was allowed a drying time of approximately one hour. The steel was then sandblasted with expendable grit.

The MDOT maintenance crew reported a significant decrease in dusting during the removal process as compared to previous attempts. Additionally, further testing confirmed the untreated waste (paint chips plus media) was hazardous while the treated waste was non-hazardous.



  TCLP Lead (mg/l)
 Untreated Waste 22.0
 Waste plus 20 wet mils Enviro-Prep® 0.48



Water Tower - Midland, TX

Enviro-Prep® was sprayed on a water tower in Midland, Texas. The application was tested at various thicknesses (10, 15, and 20 wet mils) to determine the optimum (minimum) thickness to achieve non-hazardous results.

After further testing, all three thicknesses resulted in non-hazardous waste with the 20 mil application achieving non-detectable levels of lead. The Enviro-Prep® application and original coating were then removed with standard sandblasting techniques with waste materials disposed of as non-hazardous.



  TCLP Lead (mg/l)
 Untreated Waste 122.0
 Waste plus 10 wet mils Enviro-Prep® 1.9
 Waste plus 15 wet mils Enviro-Prep® 0.25
 Waste plus 20 wet mils Enviro-Prep® <0.2


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