hci Products

At hci, we create and customize a variety of products for plastic including self-sealing, water-based, emulsion topcoats, which are ideally suited for detail work to general OEM applications. We also custom formulate high solids, fast drying products that exhibit excellent gloss and color retention and are low in VOC's.

Case Study

Substrate: Polypropylene

Application: Multiple colors per unit with recoat times within 5 minutes. Colors must not bleed. Pieces are packaged within 5 minutes of the final coat. Coating dry times needed to be adjusted to clients line speed.

Variables: Viscosity needed to be adjusted to the customer's spray equipment and environment.

Main Consideration: Stringent VOC limitations due to high paint volume used. Required to be fully HAPS compliant.

Adhesion: The final product will be exposed to harsh exterior weather and handling conditions.

Color: It was necessary to have exact color matches for the multiple colors involved per unit, as well as product consistency.



Timber Seal-----

Wax End Sealer, End Grain Paint, & Tree Marking products for the lumber industry.



Enviro-Prep® System

Whatever your need ... Enviro-Prep® System has a lead paint abatement technology to fit your project.


Niche Brands

NICHE BRANDS provides private label capabilities, custom packaging and attractive delivery options.





Designed to extend the lifespan of wood, AWP increases resistance to wear & tear and overall durability.