hci Products

At hci, we create and customize a variety of products for drywall including texture finishes, knockdown and spatter finishes, and interior latex moisture vapor barriers that meet the Federal Housing Administration Minimum Property Standards perm rating as well as smooth high build finishes, moisture vapor barriers, orange-peel effects, and drywall primers. Our innovative and dynamic lab can provide state-of-the-art color matching for specific customer requirements.



Case Study

Substrate: Wall Board or Drywall with joint compounds or drywall mud.

Application: Typically applied with airless spray equipment, conventional or air-assisted airless equipment. Textured products can be applied with the same equipment, special texture spray equipment or hopper guns. Air and fluid settings vary with products, equipment and desired finishes.

Variables: Typical variables include air and fluid settings, processes or number of coats, and atmospheric conditions. Other variables might include application techniques and drying limitations of various joint and topping compounds.

Main Consideration: The coatings need to achieve a desired “look” or finish from an architectural or aesthetic consideration as well as exhibit certain performance characteristics for durability and washability. Other considerations might include moisture vapor barriers that retard moisture vapor transmission.

Adhesion: Most products made for drywall can be applied as one or two coat systems either with or without a primed undercoat. Adhesion over drywall is excellent when applied according to manufacturer recommendations. Some products offered allow for wet-on-wet applications when proper drying conditions do not allow for typical wet-on-dry applications.

Color: Any color can be custom matched per owner or architectural specifications.



Timber Seal-----

Wax End Sealer, End Grain Paint, & Tree Marking products for the lumber industry.



Enviro-Prep® System

Whatever your need ... Enviro-Prep® System has a lead paint abatement technology to fit your project.


Niche Brands

NICHE BRANDS provides private label capabilities, custom packaging and attractive delivery options.





Designed to extend the lifespan of wood, AWP increases resistance to wear & tear and overall durability.