hci Products

At hci, we create and customize waterborne acrylic enamels for use on assorted fiberglass substrates. VOC’s are extremely low. The coatings are also fast drying, exhibit excellent adhesion and color retention, and can be used as smooth or texture coatings by varying application pressures.



Case Study

Substrate: Fiberglass

Application: Custom designed fiberglass parts for many different industries. Processes include spray and vacuum coated applications.

Variables: Products are engineered for a variety of environments. Industrial and commercial applications. Coatings must exhibit excellent adhesion, flexibility, and color retention.

Main Consideration: Minimal surface fading as well as excellent adhesion properties.


Adhesion: Products will be exposed to mold release agents, varying temperatures, and drying process.

Color: Multiple exact color matches to existing applications.



Timber Seal-----

Wax End Sealer, End Grain Paint, & Tree Marking products for the lumber industry.



Enviro-Prep® System

Whatever your need ... Enviro-Prep® System has a lead paint abatement technology to fit your project.


Niche Brands

NICHE BRANDS provides private label capabilities, custom packaging and attractive delivery options.





Designed to extend the lifespan of wood, AWP increases resistance to wear & tear and overall durability.