Enviro-Prep® System

Lead Abatement Products for Non-Hazardous Disposal


In 1992, a chemist from hci chemtec and an engineer from RMT, Inc. - a leader in heavy metals treatment - were each invited to the Bad River Indian Reservation in Northern Wisconsin to consult on potential water contamination from a bridge painting project. From that beginning, a four-year collaborative development effort began resulting in a revolutionary approach to dealing with lead bearing waste.


The Long-Term Solution to Disposing of Lead Containing Waste

For generations, lead-based paint has been used extensively for coating bridges, water towers, tanks and residential/commercial buildings. Over the years, the leaded waste from manufacturing facilities has leached into the soil and contaminated the surrounding areas.

With the recognition of the hazards of lead bearing waste and the government mandate that lead bearing waste be removed from and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, hci chemtec was at the forefront of a new industry of lead abatement.

Whatever your need ... Enviro-Prep® System has a lead paint abatement technology to fit your project.


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