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We’re proud of the work we do at Strathmore, but without strong, dedicated crew members supporting our leaders… well, to be honest, we wouldn’t as respected as we are in urban landscape management.


Strathmore crew members are responsible for completing all required physical tasks to the highest standards, so that our clients can go home happy. It’s not just about getting the job done, though — our best crew members show up on time every day they’re scheduled, ready and excited to work, and respect all of Strathmore’s specifications, procedures and quality standards in the work they do.


Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of fresh air and exercise, or a fun, social atmosphere both on and off the clock?


If you’re up to the task and would love to join our colourful team here at Strathmore, we’d love to meet you.


You’ve got my attention! Give me the basic rundown.


  • Job type: Full-time
  • Region: Ottawa and area
  • Start date: April 2, 2018 
  • Salary: $12.40- $14.00


I’m in! What do you need me to do?


  • Mow, rake, fertilize and water lawns, as well as weed and prune shrubs and trees
  • Perform landscape work, such as installing sod; planting flowers, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees; and completing other tasks related to executing a landscape installation and adjacent structures
  • Work on other general landscape maintenance work, as requested by your crew leader
  • Operate and maintain electric mowers, tractors, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, sod cutters, tree-pruning saws and other machinery required to complete landscaping tasks to Strathmore’s standards
  • Execute other manual tasks to maintain gardens and landscapes within budgeted timeframes
  • Work in a safe manner and participate in the safety meetings
  • Respect all of Strathmore’s policies and procedures
  • Always maintain a courteous and polite attitude towards colleagues and clients


Sounds exciting! What skills or requirements do I need?


  • Full ability to handle physical demands: walking, sitting, climbing, kneeling, repetitive motion, bending at the knee, bending at the hip, lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling up to 27 kg, etc.
  • Minimum Grade 9 or Secondary 3 education
  • Practical understanding of the use of the aforementioned machinery
  • Ability to understand verbal instructions and act upon them, read labels, keep simple records and communicate verbal reports
  • Ability to provide strong customer service


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Apr 02, 2018

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